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Neil Finn — Wherever You Are
Album: One All
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Released: 2002
Length: 4:37
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Wherever you are
Its 3am and I'm awake
Imagine the light
Upon her blue transparanet face
True coloured glass
It filters down to warm the street

I'm the one who leads your mind
See my life in your design
True companion at your side

Gracious and good
When all around is turning bad
Restless and rave
When laid upon suburban grass
Your timing is right
Remove the sad persistent thought
Hold the cause

Well I'm the one who reads your mind
See my life in your design
True companion at your side

I'll give you something
When I'm not around
To make you smile
Outside that wasteland
And if only I can make it through
If you think it then it must be true

I'll be wherever you are
Wherever you are
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"Upon her blue transparanet face"

Not sure that's quite the right word.
I bought the album on the back of hearing this last time it was played. Brilliant. Always loved Crowded House and Split Endz. Such a talent.
Lovely texture in his voice, multi-culturally alert and passion in family, speaks volumes of good wholesome parenting. Onya mate!
Neil is a master - the sheer musical quality, harmonies, chordal progressions and lyrics combined are astounding. There are some stunning tracks missing from your list Rebecca and Bill - if it's not too cheeky, I can recommend 'Into the Sunset' from One Nil as well as 'Faster than Light' and 'Try Whistling this' from the album of the same name. I'm new here - love your work