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Santana — Victory Is Won
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Antigone wrote:
Maybe it's the lowgrade headache I've had for several days now, but that sloppy electic organ REALLY is annoying.
That "sloppy electic (sic) organ" is a Hammond B-3, and as a trained keyboardist, I can tell you that Chester Thompson's work on this song is PHENOMENAL. Perhaps if you had ever attempted playing a B-3, you would appreciate how well he uses the instrument. As for "sloppy", one can be absolutely perfect in technique and be boring as hell. I, for one, will take less than perfect, played with energy and passion, any day. I realize that I am TOTALLY in the minority in liking this song, but every time I hear the keyboards on this song, I am blown away. I'm ready for the rebuttals, now.
Good lord... someone PLEASE make it STOP!!!!! What the hell is he trying to do in that solo?
Oh God youre killing me here... this is the worst piece of rediculousness to hit me ears in awhile... Im going to have to ask you kindly to never ever play this again.
Maybe it\'s the lowgrade headache I\'ve had for several days now, but that sloppy electic organ REALLY is annoying.
I\'d really appreciate it if you kindly reconsidered playing this piece again. Santana has many, many more tunes worth listening. This one is not one of them.
not bad ... and I\'m not a fan of some of Santana\'s works.. like the recent album with rob whomever.. didn\'t like that song plus it got such a large amount of air play.. But this.. shows off the talent of \'um.