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Santana — Hoy Es Adios (w/ Alejandro Lerner)
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LobsterGirl wrote:
i like the song, but the santana parts of it (you know... the guitar) are all sorta predictable. well, it's his signature style and all. alejandro has a lovely voice. purr...
I quite agree. How about hearing some songs from just Alejandro? I could swear I've heard that Santana solo somewhere before...
I dunno. It\'s like Carlos has been to the well once too often on this \"collaboration\" gimmick.
I\'ve always liked and admired Santana. And there\'s alot of traditional Latino music that I really like. That said, this song pretty much blows chunks.
This is one of my favorite cuts from the Shaman CD. Delicious and sad all at the same time. (pimp)
Bought this cd before listening to it - big mistake, now gathering dust. Very lazy effort
I don\'t care what anyone else says... Carlos Santana rocks!
This is so boring that it\'s hard to stay awake long enough to write this review.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Why Carlos, Why!
With the exception of some slightly above-par guitar work near the end, this song completely bores me as weak, generic pop -- N Sync calibre. I guess I wanted to give Santana more credit, so I had to listen to this twice to be sure I don\'t care to hear it again. The other tracks I\'ve heard so far from this new album sucked -- no drive, no heart. Gives me the impression the whole pairing-up-with-younger-pop-stars format which seemed so interesting last time is now purely calculated, a second attempt at capturing the mainstream market. And that ain\'t us, right! ;)
Uh, just heard this a few hours ago...
Wooooh. Brutally self-indulgent guitar playing. A little of that is OK; so long as EVERY damn song on a CD doesn\'t exhibit the same impulse. Notice how every solo uses EXACTLY the same effects on both of his recent CDs? Maybe that\'s why his current CD isn\'t selling nearly as well; although he won\'t miss any meals. I\'m glad Santana got his piece; but maybe he could vary his tone just a LITTLE bit next time? Pretty please? No Carlos no more COMPRESSION and GAIN....aaauuggggghhhhh... no more.... uhhhhhhh......
Boy do I not like this. I want to hear more music from south Texas, etc., but not if it\'s as lifeless as this.
the more i hear it the more i like it!