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The Vines — Country Yard
Album: Highly Evolved
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Total ratings: 26

Released: 2002
Length: 3:43
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I'm tired of feelin' sick and useless
Then speakin' every other way
Gluin' my eyes together girl
Might be the right escape

There's nothin' in the secret garden
Just images of blue and white
Losin' my mind forever girl
May be the only sign

Down in a country yard
I was taken by the shadows
Although we couldn't see that far
I was dreamin' of tomorrow
I really don't need a change
I really don't need what's mine
Out in a country yard
It'll be just fine
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sounds like damon albarn getting painfully strangled whilst impersonating kelly jones, not good :frustrated:
Interesting song. Nice follow up to the Verve.
A good band discovered thanks to RP!! :clap: