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Jamie Brockett — Legend of the USS Titanic
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Oh hell yes, dust off this puppy !

This is such a great song !

Fair thee well !!!!
Dammit boy:
I haven't heard old Jamie since 75 with WZZQ in Jackson Ms. Old college days at Moorehead, go ahead more head.
Need about a foot of that fine rope.
Good deal Bill
Excellent song, despite what some of you may think.
This song came to memory; Google found me a website with an mp3 download, and low and behold a bit lower on Google's page is a link to good old RP. Bill... from the dates on the comments it's been a while since this one got some airtime. Don't let their negativity get to you, it's a fun song.... then and now.
:cool: ... first heard this song in the VERY early 70's on 'Beaker Street' with Clyde Clifford out of Little Rock Ark. !*!*!* A true classic of it's time !*!*! :notworthy:
As a piece of history it\'s more interesting. Thanks, Bill, for letting us in on the song\'s meaning to you. As a song, though, it\'d be helped a long way if the listener had about six inches of that rope.
Originally Posted by AugieK: If I was looking for music that never stretched my horizons, I wouldn't be listening here. Ignore the naysayers, Bill. It's all good.
That is a good point, and I whole-heartedly agree. I never would have heard this song otherwise, and now I have a new piece of music/history/whatever to reflect upon. I am grateful for being exposed to something new. Having said that, I can honestly say that I NEVER want to hear this again.
Originally Posted by cdanthony: If we have to have a long hippy song at least play Alice's Restaraunt!
Yes indeed!
Originally Posted by (8?ยป: :lol: Lyrics :lol:
Thanks Face, while the lyrics read as entertaining, the song was not. good to know you're still out "there"
If we have to have a long hippy song at least play Alice\'s Restaraunt!
As always a surprise and a delight to hear. Not the greatest of songs but a great piece of rock history. Don\'t let this one get lost. Yes, sometimes it\'s abrasive but there was a lot of stuff that was abrasive at that time. Somehow it beats most of the stuff that was non abrasive. Just look at the pop charts from then and you see what I mean.
If I was looking for music that never stretched my horizons, I wouldn\'t be listening here. Ignore the naysayers, Bill. It\'s all good.
That song was GREAT! I could probably wait another 25 years before I hear it again though. I was laughing so hard I was crying, had to stop working, glad no one walked by and saw me. So, Bill, are we going to get Alice\'s Restaurant this week? It is about Thanksgiving dinner (at least tangentially). Thanks for playing that song. I think those other whiners need to sample some of that 497.5 feet of rope to feel better about it. :clap: :clap: :clap:
I always suspected that the wacky weed caused the sinking of the Titanic :moon: . Were the passengers trading their wive\'s diamonds, or wives and diamonds and Cadillacs? :p
A lesser rip-off of Arlo Guthrie. Alice's Restaraunt is interesting enough to sustain a long performance; this song isn't.
Who gave this a 10!!?? :??:
:clap: :lol: :notworthy: We wantsss it my precioussss.
I love it... very funny! but a tad long! :clap: this is to all the ones that hated it! :moon:
Ung. Well, i have to admit it is mildly entertainng. Not the type of stuff I like listening to at work, I\"ll give it that. Maybe during a Dr Demento reunion. If you\'ll go that route, have to put Existential Blues. THATs good stuff.
it\'s like the energizer bunny it keeps going :frustrated:
Gawd this is horrible. I turned down my \'puter speakers and had a conversation with an office mate and then turned them back on and IT\'S STILL GOING. I can usually find something redeemable in most anything, but this is dreadful.
Horrible! Please do never ever again play this annoying thing. :-(
ALL RIGHT ALREADY!!! We got the point, now make it stop! Please, this thing is killing me.
I honestly think my ears are bleeding now.
Horrible! Please do never ever again play this annoying wanna-be-a-song. :-(
:lol: Lyrics :lol:
Bill - This is great! I haven\'t heard this since the days of Dr. Demento on KMET in LA! Yea, looking at the other posts here not many liked it, but I always thought this was just a hilarious song. Very eclectic. :clap:
Originally Posted by phatphil: :frustrated: MAKE THE BAD MAN STOP MOMMY
Your comment and this song strongly remind me of Happy Noodle boy.
That was beyond awful.
This is so bad it\'s starting to make me laugh. This \'song\' has no positives whatsoever. And its soooooooooooooooooooo freakin long!!!! When will it end?? It sounds like my little brother trying to play the guitar for the first time, making up for his inability by strumming as loud as he can and SCREAMING!!! ugghh
Originally Posted by Heathen: Utter crap. I actually turned off my speakers until it was over. :evil: :evil:
i did the same thing. Lets see if he actually takes this dog off the playlist. UGH!
Cute for a while, but goes nowhere and takes a looooooong time to get there.
That\'s a first: I had to mute RP because of the song. Still, it\'s not the same old over played stuff and I applaud you for trying it.
:frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: fade this sucker
Will it ever stop?
AAUUGGHH!!!!! :frustrated: pbm 8^)
Well, this *is* an oldie. I wouldn\'t want to hear it every day, but you have to admit it fits in with the \"nautical\" set: Sailing To Philadelphia, Nautical Disaster, Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, ...
:moon: Help, I am being held prisoner!!! Please release me from these chains...
Utter crap. I actually turned off my speakers until it was over. :evil: :evil:
This song sucks so bad that I even used to turn off Dr. Demento when he played it. Starting with the fact that the Titanic was never in New York, it sank on the way there. Musically, lyrically it's unbelievably bad, and 1 is much too high a rating. please PLEASE PLEASE don't play this ridiculously long incredibly pretentious turd of a song again.
Jeez, Bill, where did you find this? I haven\'t heard this for at least 25 years. :lol:
Stop! It\'s making my ears bleed. :frustrated:
What the hell is this? Sounds like someone with multiple personalities having a fight with himself.