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Cowboy Junkies — If You Were The Woman And I Was The Man
Album: Black Eyed Man
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Total ratings: 59

Released: 1992
Length: 3:10
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(Michael Timmins)

If you were the woman and I was the man
would I send you yellow roses
would I dare to kiss your hand?
In the morning would I caress you
as the wind caresses the sand,
if you were the woman and I was the man?

If I was the heart and you were the head
would you think me very foolish
if one day I decided to shed
these walls that surround me
just to see where these feelings led,
if I was the heart and you were the head?

If I was the woman and you were the man
would I laugh if you came to me
with your heart in your hand
and said, 'I offer you this freely
and will give you all that I can
because you are the woman
and I am the man?'
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Sucko Barfo drivel that sounds boring...
I like both Prine and the Junkies--and most of the songs on this CD, but this song blows, IMO. Sounds contrived and mechanical.
I don\'t think I get the clarinet.
I So agree. More John Prine. I\'d love to hear \"Hello in There\", or \"Donald & Lydia\". Oh yeah, and I liked the song.
Originally Posted by bobanahalf: Who are the Cowboy Junkies? I know all about Prine -- excellent. More Prine.
Cowboy Junkies
if we all were androgynous i would still hate this song.
Originally Posted by oufason: Bill, Please add more John Prine!
I agree, some J. Prine would be so nice! There is a fantastic live version of this on one of Prine's cd's.
Bill, Please add more John Prine!