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Tranquility Bass — La La La
Album: Beep
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Total ratings: 53

Released: 1998
Length: 3:27
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a lot of la-la-la
and ya-la-la

I know it's hard sometimes
I know it's hard
I know it's hard sometime
my love
the same as you
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Tranquility Bass
Awesome band name and song title. Terrible song. Did they take the vocals from one and the music from a totally different song and just cut and paste, or what?
Originally Posted by robozoid: definitely somewhat bizarre. Afro-pop on drugs ? :bounce:
Someone's on drugs, that's for sure. Out of curiosity, do you guys think that the ratings are just for fun, or do they actually play into how often songs get played? I wonder what's the lowest rated song that gets significan't air time....
definitely somewhat bizarre. Afro-pop on drugs ? :bounce:
I don\'t know that I\'d buy the CD, but I kind of like it. I guess that\'s why we have radio :)
i think the song title just about sums this one up.
This sounds eclectically adventurous. I like it.