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Marianne Faithfull — Like Being Born (w/ Beck)
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Marianne Faithfull takes getting used to. Like Heroin (which she used lots of in her day). The beauty of the music she produces is not that she does it well, but that she\'s still alive to do it. I LIKE IT!! I would love to have a dinner with Marianne, I could see her being a most entertaining companion. DWTW, Samiyam :clap: :clap: :clap:
I\'m with Bat_Man. She sounds like a female Leonard Cohen in this song, only with less emotive quality. \"Boring into my head\" :frustrated:
\"It feels like being bored\" As in, into my head with a blunt screw driver........Sorry Bill.........Sorry Marianne...maybe I\'m just over tired. :)
This song just never gets going. Maybe in time... Meanwhile, it makes me think of a couple of songs by Suicide, for some reason. Probably the tinkling bells in the background there.
Weird but cool: lovely.