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Ottmar Liebert — Santa Fe
Album: Nouveau Flamenco
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Total ratings: 81

Released: 1990
Length: 4:17
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the psd button always introduces me to fabulous finds that I do not usually hear, Ottmar Liebert is outstanding!
:bounce: :clap: :notworthy: :guitarist:
gypsy kings please if your going to play some spanish style guitar...BTW Ottmar is continually in Santa Fe..
Absolutely love this! This guy has been around for a while now....though I don't know much about him. Play more of his stuff!
OH HEY NOW... that's some good song there, buddy.
This is tasty!
FilmSurgeon wrote:
Who is this Ottmar & what is he all about?
6'1" & Santa Fe (literally) A friend in the Santa Fe area where he lives played percussion for him in Luna Negra for several years. Interesting fella. I guess he's particular about dishing out royalties to others. Too bad.
Hey, I'm flexible, but ... come on!
Soooooo nice to hear Otmar on RP! I dedicate this song to the memory of my niece--who loved his music dearly! :cheers:
Been listening for a few days now and really like the music styles represented. As an Ottmar Liebert and Jesse Cook fan, I would love to hear a little more on this end of the music spectrum.
I likey I really really likey!!
Who is this Ottmar & what is he all about?
Believe it or not I have an Ottmar Liebert CD which I play for my elementary art students while they are working--they love it.
Is it over yet?
From Sam Philips "Flame" to Ottmar Liebert... That was a beautiful, perfectly seamless transition with acoustic guitar! :bounce: :music: :bounce: Bill, you're a matchless DJ! :notworthy: So good, I can't force myself to go to bed! But I must... 8O (going bug-eyed...) steve
I kept thinking I recognized this song, but from where. Of course, Its Ottmar, I forgot about Ottomar.
very cool.
Excellent - so nice to hear Ottmar on RP!! This whole album is excellent. :clap: :guitarist: