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1 Giant Leap — Braided Hair (w/ Neneh Cherry & Speech)
Album: 1 Giant Leap
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Total ratings: 45

Released: 2002
Length: 3:57
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 kevination wrote:
Wow. Neneh Cherry. That's cool.

Hello! i am from Russia. I just wanted to ask you do you know something about Mormons?

It is a very good album although this is probably one of my least favorite tracks on it.
Arrested Development...really under-rated. Like the track, first time I\'ve heard anything from the 1 Giant Leap project. I\'ll have to check out more. Thanks, RP.
Wow! I\'m really getting sick of this song!
Very nice stuff; the people who don\'t like it are probably the same ones who want more Oasis or Green Day... hence they should be ignored anyway.
Saw this as a short promo film. The idea behind this track is amazing...check out the website. and the song is pretty cool too. :p Giant Leap
Originally Posted by Nikk0: Yuck.
Pllleeease stop this tripe! :evil: :frustrated:
Originally Posted by Nikk0: Yuck.
Hey! I was going to say that.
Wow... really like it! What has Speech been up to? Always liked Neneh Cherry....
Too bad it\'s just a compilation album, but then I don\'t really think Speech will come up with anything to match the first Arrested Development album.
I really like that song. Especially when the ladies break out their melody.
The male voice isn't the guy from Arrested Development, is it? edit: That is, i thought it might be but was surprised by the idea; i'm not refuting Platypus's comment, which was composed while i was initally composing my comment. Glad we got that cleared up. edit2: Give me ascii emoticons or give me death.
MORE NENEH! :clap:
cool stuff! sounds like the guy from Arrested Development has finally started recording again? I diggit. :clap:
Wow. Neneh Cherry. That\'s cool.