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Simple Minds — One Step Closer
Album: Cry
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Total ratings: 35

Released: 2002
Length: 5:56
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It\'s Bono :p Very nice tune.
Thanks for playing some SM. One of my favorite bands. (Did anyone else see the \'Sparkle in The Rain\' tour? It was awesome!)
MORE MORE MORE MORE Simple Minds!!!! :notworthy:
At the time they were most popular, I often found them quite entertaining, but somehow they never became serious competition for U2, a band they were often compared with and who they admired themselves, I believe (OK, music isn't a competition, but as a manner of speaking). Listening to this, they're not even anywhere near to U2 anymore. What a shame for a band that once had such an impact on a lot of people. Of course they can still depend on loyal fans to buy their albums anyway.
to me ... it sounded a bit like Stereo MC\'s Connected... could have mixed a bit of it on top or under and it would have fit nicely.. not bad... but definately not like the original sound of SM.
Sounds too much like techno-sellout to me.
So this is new Simple minds! Cool verse treatment but I\'m afraid the chorus sends me right back to generic 80s and kind of spoils the song. Oh well.
This tune caught my attention. Very nice.
most excellent. I am happy to hear these guys return with some outstanding new tunes. they were one of the only 80\'s bands that didnt sound like complete crap, imho.