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Thievery Corporation — Dual Tone - Reign Dub
Album: DJ Kicks
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Total ratings: 24

Released: 1999
Length: 4:11
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why isn't there any songs by kruder and dorfmeister...? I ask again...
This could be really good. But it\'s not.
Sorry gang, I love the lo-fi dub stuff :D :D How about some Kruder and Dorfmeister pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez :D :D :D
glad to hear some more Thievery Corp hereabouts. very fine stuff. (although I personally think that this is one of their weaker tracks) p.s. - I have to agree with the ^above^ comment. K&D would sound most excellent on RP.
On Vulcan, we have a word for this: \"crap\".
This is just not worthy.
nice to hear some dub in the mix-outrageous bass in this along with echo!
Oh, someone please do some \"percussive maintenance\" on the CD player, it\'s skipping!
What is this street person mumbling about?