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Catie Curtis — The Wolf
Album: Truth From Lies
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Total ratings: 44

Released: 1995
Length: 3:05
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When my daddy lived here, I never worried
When my daddy lived here, he read me stories
And I never was afraid when the endings were scary
'Cause my daddy would say, "I will keep you safe
When the wolf comes to the house"
Now my mother has a boyfriend, she let him move in
She let him tell her she's just a fool
And I've heard them fighting, I heard him knock her down
And I try to read at night, but I don't like it now
'Cause when the wolf lives in your house, you can't get him out
When the wolf lives in your house, you can't get him out
When my mother tells me we are a family
But I don't want to be, I have a plan
Yes, I am waiting for the day when I am stronger
And I will step in the way, I'll make him sorry
When the wolf lives in your house, you can't get him out
When the wolf lives in your house, you can't get him out
I will get him out.
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Haven't heard this in a while; just stumbled my way here from hearing Troubled Mind, and wondering if this was on RP. First time i heard this song, a friend was having issues with an abusive father. It's one of three songs that've made me cry. Heard her do it live in concert and nearly broke down. Would love to hear again on RP some time.
This is a good album. There are better songs on it than this one...
Shimmer wrote:
There's something about child abuse songs that I find unmusical. Call me politically incorrect.
Understandable, but songwriters don't write music to please people, they write to express feelings, communicate ideas, and exorcise demons. When art makes someone uncomfortable, it provides them an opportunity to examine their assumptions about human existence. Sorry if humanity isn't all shiny happy people, Shimmer. It happens.
I love Catie Curtis, but I'm not a big fan of this song. Sometimes her music reminds me of Jewel -- ahead and behind itself at the same time. I mean, some of their lyrics are a little amateurish... but who am I to criticize... Catie Curtis's rich, smooth voice makes any of her songs extremely listenable. (Now who's writing amaterishly, making up new words and such??)
Hmmmm. OK. Here\'s a thought. Remember the McMartin Preschool trial? Y\'know, the one that had all of L.A. in an uproar about ten years ago? And where ALL of them were found innocent? It seemed like everyone in L.A. (where I was living then) had their antennae out, on the alert for even the tiniest possibility that child abuse was being done. People changing their babies\' diapers on the beach were getting accosted by others and getting accused. I kid you not. It was like the Salem witch trials for awhile. After the innocent verdict, most of the self-appointed guardians of our children crawled back under their rocks where they belonged. Here\'s my point. The Supremes just spiked a California law extending the statute of limitations for certain crimes. We wound up with, what, 300 Catholic priests in California alone being accused and jailed for child abuse crimes that allegedly occurred up to 20-30 years ago or more? Justly, all of those cases were thrown out as being unconstitutional (I won\'t bother with the details, there\'s plenty of reporting around about it). 300 priests in California alone? Something is weird about that. Does anyone else think this was getting kind of hysterical? Americans, and Californians in particular, are getting very fond of trying people in the press and declaring them guilty without evidence or fair jurisprudence. I see it as a good decision by the Supremes although some bad people may go free as a result. (I happen to think the majority of those accused were innocent.) The damage to the American legal system would have been far worse in the long run. Runaway bouts of hysteria cannot be allowed to subvert the legal sysstem, which accords certain protections to everyone, at least in theory. All this is to say that this is a song about a very specific and very private and tragic personal event; however, it isn\'t politically incorrect to feel a bit uncomfortable about hearing it. This kind of stuff has the potential to induce hysteria in certain sensitive types who in turn have the capability to make life miserable for everyone else. Not that it shouldn\'t be heard; but feeling uncomfortable is perfectly OK. Sorry for the brain dump.
There\'s something about child abuse songs that I find unmusical. Call me politically incorrect.
I love this woman's voice. By the way, check out Putumayo Great website and great music from all over the world