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Ryuichi Sakamoto — We Love You
Album: Beauty
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Total ratings: 12

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Length: 4:44
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Urrgh. Hipnotic and strangely alluring. I think there are subliminal messages in this song telling me to put eggs in my pants and shave the cat. I feel odd. Im switching off
it is nice to hear someone loves me, even just in a song by strangers! i like this, it made me happy!
Funny, off all the songs I uploaded, just this one got added. It\'s a bit a typical of the rest of the songs that often didn\'t make it to the playlist. Ryuchi Sakomoto is especially interesting I think producing and co working with others (like David Sylvian), but the album Beauty, this song is on, is one of his best solo efforts. Many Stones fans will probably go; :roll: I understand them. But give it a try, anyway.
Interesting - Ryuichi Sakamoto is a pretty versatile musician, this is very poppy, much different than his classical stuff. If you buy one of his albums expecting it to sound like this you might be surprised!
Hey, I am the FIRST!!! You can just donate my prize money :D :D :D ...This is a good song with a good sound, nice and mellow. It was a nice follow up to the Stones, especially for Friday afternoon...