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U2 — Mysterious Ways Remix #2
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Songs by some groups are amenable to remixes, like the Cure, NIN, Depeche, etc. Songs by others are not, and efforts to do so unfortunately end up sounding kind of ridiculous, even to the extent that the original version is somehow tainted ... this is an example. Icky icky.
Every time that rolling fill came along I was waiting for the song to morph into Steve Miller Band "Take the Money and Run"
yaaay!! it's over!!! This sucks. (not that I dislike US - I just dislike the remix) That was like passing a stone.
sorry gang. i can't jump on this wagon. this remix RAWKS big time. the original version was good. this is even better.
This is weak, man. :-s
please end ..... NOW
Originally Posted by dradeli: TOO MUCH U2 on this station....
I think we've been averaging a U2 song every 6 hours lately.
This way a school example of a good U2 song, is turned into stereotype techno.
Anyone ever notice how the quality of a band declines on an inversely proportional scale to the number of albums it puts out? Now, when you talk about remixes of later output, I think the quality is an inverse power to the number of remixes a song is put through. That would make this song... just don\'t remix anything from Boy or October.
I like the original song.....remix pretty much blows.
This was a good song from a great group...plain and simple. No need for words, words, words... :D :D :D
TOO MUCH U2 on this station....
Wouldn\'t mind if this one just mysteriously moved right off the playlist.
I still gave it a seven, but only because I would give the original a nine. (pimp)
stick with the original, Bill -- this one is worth playing rarely at best
The pain! The pain!
The sun is rising, The birds are singing, The first cup of coffee is steaming, Radio Paradise is playing. Hey! wait a minute. Its the Mysterious Ways remix.. Now I have to wake up and listen. Which is better - the original or the remix? Arggh... I can\'t decide..
U2 has way to many good tunes to be playing this.
Originally Posted by Platypus: as far as remixes go - and i like emixes - this one is kind of weak. i prefer the original by far. interesting, though.
Me too on all counts.
as far as remixes go - and i like emixes - this one is kind of weak. i prefer the original by far. interesting, though.