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Louise Goffin — Sometimes A Circle
Album: Sometimes A Circle
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Total ratings: 14

Released: 2002
Length: 3:30
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I bought the album and I am dissappointed. I realized that I like the music behind her voice, but not her voice. It sounded like she was always trying to be somebody else. Anybody want to buy a CD? :??:
pretty frikkin cool, Bill! good choice. :)
I don\'t hear it.. :roll:
Damn... She\'s Carole King\'s daughter? Outstanding!!
Great song Bill- please keep playing more Louise! She rocks - What about some Juilan Coryell to do with it? Great combo - thanks!
Big Paulie and Carlos are jump'n around like maniacs, actually they are maniacs. Except for Carlos, he's a freak'n rat and I'm gunna squish him some day.