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De-Phazz — Roses
Album: Detunized Gravity
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Total ratings: 65

Released: 1997
Length: 6:56
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Turn off the machine.
leucocephalis wrote:
De=Phazz seems to be unafraid of exploring and composing "outside the box"
C'mon now! What new thing is happening here? Kind of fun and harmless for a student project, but this isn't breaking a sweat, much less any new ground.
oldslabsides wrote:
:yell: WAKE UP!-this is great!
Is De-Phazz much known in the US. I wonder if it is more popular there than here in Germany, where they come from.
I guess I'm the only one who's thinking this would be a great song to "play" to! :butt: :whip:
Techno trash! Annoying background. No real musicianship! Could do without this one!
modern lounge
Doesn\'t do much for me. The previously played, equally trippy \"Teardrop\" from Massive Attack is much cooler.
I\'m still kinda curious about what\'s hip, new and different in music-land, but don\'t want to listen to it all day, anymore. Part of the reason why I listen to RP is that I trust Bill and Rebecca to pick the best out of what\'s \"hot\" nowadays, while mixing it with what\'s more familiar to me, though mostly neither too wellknown, together with the eclectic stuff of course. This one seems kinda hot, but don\'t know whether it still will be tomorrow, when probably already something else is \"hot\" in techno-world :p
De-Phazz has really impressed me. I can\'t wait to run out and buy as many albums as I can from them, because I just can\'t get enought.
This blows....seems like most bands today can only manage to plaster a sampled loop and redundant lyrics...feels detached from any human quality...
God Almighty this rocks. Makes work fun. :clap:
God Almighty, Make it STOP!
De=Phazz seems to be unafraid of exploring and composing \"outside the box\"
Alright, what are these people mumbling about? And why should I care? And who is playing the Baldwin fun machine at the mall music store?
What can I say. Ultimate flow. Swimming in light.
i love the downbeat/ambient genre (can you say groovesalad? my other favorite station). glad to see that it's made it to rp. :)