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The Badlees — Fear of Falling
Album: River Songs
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Total ratings: 10

Released: 1995
Length: 4:45
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Not bad. I initially thought it was Neil Diamond, though... Urk.
this sounds like a Molly Hatchet ballad. very cheesy. Sometimes there is a good reason why we don\'t hear some songs on the radio anymore. Just my strong, but humble opinion(it can be both right?). Peace. Of the same tempo, how \'bout Walkin\' Slow from Jackson Browne or Gregg Allman from Laid Back? (If I am going to note a problem, I want to offer a solution as well! ;) Love the station.
yuck! I thought this was Creed!
i have not heard the badlees for years! thanks rp.
I like it. Pretty cool song. You should play some to the Nadas too. They have a similar sound.