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Patti Smith — People Have the Power
Album: Land (1975-2002)
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Total ratings: 36

Released: 2002
Length: 4:54
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Judging by the rating, I\'m not alone in thinking this song is pathetic, particularly for an artist of Patti Smith\'s artistic credentials. It\'s just simplistic stadium rock of the worst type - even Jefferson Starship would be ashamed of this. Please can it be dropped from the playlist before it affronts our ears again?
One of her worst ever, please Bill, you can do better in her catalog?
junkgarfspoodungspittlecrap :frustrated:
Ahhhhh, would that it were true, Patti, would that it were true. Less so than ever these days. :evil:
this tune always revs me up
I agree with the sentiment but there\'s something lame about this song. It reminds me of Manowar and their \'anthems of the true metal\'. Vacant :??:
Had to check if this actually was Patti Smith, confirms my belief that when she\'s good she\'s very good, but when she\'s bad ...she stinks really bad. This is embarrassing.
I like Patti Smith in general but this song is awful.