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Joni Mitchell — That Song About the Midway
Album: Clouds
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Total ratings: 24

Released: 1969
Length: 4:30
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Originally Posted by red: yuck
Though nice, I much prefer Bonnie Raitt's version of this song (I know Joni wrote it). I just checked the playlist and Bonnie's version is not listed. I just may upload it to see if Rebecca adds Bonnie's version to the playlist for everyone to hear. :)
I always like Joni\'s songs more as I hear them again. The first impression usually isn\'t real good. One reason is because you have to get a chance to listen to the lyrics. This isn\'t one of my favorites from her, but I still like it. I can\'t really pay attention to the lyrics because I\'m working as I listen. :)
Ya know ... something makes me think that there's just an anti-Joni block out there that hates anything they hear the moment her voice comes on. Well, LIGHTEN UP guys. Just enjoy the poetry and the lady's pretty voice, or turn down the volume until the song is over. I do that sometimes on other songs.
Ack! Blech!