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Yo La Tengo — Blitzkrieg Bop
Album: Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo
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Released: 1996
Length: 2:17
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now how cool is that? {#Roflol}
Ramones Musak......I knew it would come sooner or later.

Woo-Hooo, wackie-fun man, sounds like its guiter is  being played by Herman Munster with Granpa on the drums  : )
thought it was some obscure Buddy Holly for a sec...
wow.  Was actually tapping my toes before I realized what song this was.
Nope, only the original will do. This is the elevator version. (Although if I were in an elevator, this would be great!)
drH wrote:
Silly, but cool.
Why does this song exist ?? Mute
Silly, but cool.
The surf music version. Joey Goes To Malibu. I kinda like it. Ahh, and the segue into the Ramone's Sedated. Yep. This is fun.
Great break from the orginal! Nothing I'd want to hear all the time but a nice "folksy" rendition of the classic Ramone's tune. Fits in well here at RP.
I have no idea what this is, but it's not good for a Monday. (yes, I know it's a Ramones song, but this is really irritating). :grumpy.gif:
i like the ramones better.
:frustrated Dont like JAzZ!
whoa, I\'m sitting here on hold with the phone company and have bad muzak in one ear and this in the other. For a second there I thought that the phone company was playing some weird version of the Ramones, but nooooooo it was RP!
Originally Posted by Friend: Hey, I recognize that melody from a punk tune. Tony Hawk pro skater anyone? So who's song is it?
The Ramones. Rob Zombie does a great cover on the tribute album. (pimp)
Wowie, zowie, sounds like a pop garage band from the 60\'s. Just needs a Cheezie Farfesi organ to make it complete!
Hey, I recognize that melody from a punk tune. Tony Hawk pro skater anyone? So who\'s song is it?
Great to hear Yo La Tengo on RP. The new album is pretty great as well and would fit here nicely I think. Keep it coming