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Tranquility Bass — We All Want To Be Free
Album: Let The Freak Flag Fly
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Total ratings: 17

Released: 1997
Length: 4:13
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Tranq. Bass
All I want is for this song to end.
tasty. got anything else by TB?
Back in the 70\'s, in the era of the CB, I had a base station set up in the frigid plains of North Dakota. My CB handle started out being \"Lunar Eclipse\" but as I became known on the air, one smartass decided to change it to just \"Lunatic\" -- needless to say, it stuck. My base station was known as the \"Tranqulity Base\" So I get a kick out of seeing Tranquility Bass here on RP. Oh, pardon me. I\'ll try to remain focused... :roll:
electronic hipppie music! :D good stuff.