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Blind Melon — The Pusher
Album: Nico
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Released: 1996
Length: 2:59
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Snow flakes rolling over my hair, goose bumping weather
If I'm hungry at 4:30 in the morning, Pink Dot will deliver
And I'm oh so tired of you pushing that thorny crown
Down onto my head so hard, my knees are two inches in the ground
And I said, God damn, God damn that Bible pushin' man

You know I smoked a lot of grass and I've popped a lot of pills
But I've never done nothing that my spirit couldn't kill
And I walk around with these tombstones in my eyes
But I know the pusher don't care, if you live or if you die.

And I said, God damn, God damn that Bible pushin' man.
Godamn, Godamn, Godamn, Godamn, God damn
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An interesting cover, but I think it compares poorly with the original Steppenwolf recording. Steppenwolf\'s version is more raw, which reflects the drug addict\'s world. Blind Melon\'s cover seems thin, kinda like it\'s been diluted.
Ironic cover.
poor Shannon Hoon. Blind Melon never got the credit they deserved after MTV grabbed hold of that bee girl song.
Another of the *lead* singers to have died far too early... if only he\'d lived.. Anyone that has their last album.. the Multimedia content on the disk... awesome... plus a song that I would have loved to have heard come to life.. Porcupine. You have to put the cd in to a pc cdrom drive to get the extra content.. -T