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Indigo Girls — Moment of Forgiveness
Album: Become You
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Total ratings: 32

Released: 2002
Length: 3:07
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Sorry ... sounds like typical, run of the mill, boring country pop .... ugh
Good song, but middle-of-the-road compared to some of the real gems on the new CD, \"Starkville\" especially.
don't like it as much as the rest of the folks below seem to... I also loved their earlier works.. I also found at times the stuff I heard (often) was preachy.. but this song.. kinda slow... a dullard by comparison... yeah.. and this time I'm not in that moment of forgivness either.. I lowered my rating of this song... Another newer poster says the rest of the album is better.. and I think RP's played one or two other tracks that are way better than this. :evil:
A real good song, craftswomanship, so to say.
Really like this song. I appreciated, but tired of some of the political rhetoric in their earlier works. This seems a departure and has a great melody and those great IG vocals.
Very nice. I got really sick of IG a few years back, but I really like this tune.
Sound pretty good. Amy voice is lovely on it. Need to hear it again.
Sounds reminiscent of old school Indigo\'s.. I love it. Can\'t wait the hear the rest of the album.