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Mike Oldfield — From the Ashes
Album: Guitars
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Total ratings: 670

Released: 1999
Length: 2:22
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Mike's music has been the backbone of my musical life since I was 11. Maestro!

Oldfield took up the guitar at age ten and left school in his teens to embark on a music career. From 1967 to 1970, he and his sister Sally Oldfield were a folk duo - 'The Sallyangie',  after which he performed with Kevin Ayers.
In 1971, Oldfield started work on Tubular Bells which caught the attention of Richard Branson, who agreed to release it on his new label, Virgin Records.
Its opening was used in the horror film The Exorcist and the album went on to sell over 2.7 million copies in the UK.
Oldfield followed it with Hergest Ridge (1974), Ommadawn (1975), and Incantations (1978), all of which feature longform and mostly instrumental pieces.
- Wiki

 Grateful- he has the power and the glory to speak with the quitar words if wisdom abd Trance-
I wonder if the 17 year gap in comments is because the station didn't play the song during that time, or something technical with the commenting system. 
Does England qualify as "world music" or even "eclectic". More like mellow. Still, I do love Mike Oldfield's work. :-)

Honestly, can I just rate on the last ten tracks all at once? so good! People, you need to show your support for this station.

I could manage another 17 years without this one.  Not sure if I'll live that long, though...
talk about from the ashes. 17 years between comments? you're a phoenix Harry!
Talented ol' Mr. Oldfield gets a 9 from me for his heartwarming harmonies and melodies

Love to all
Not bad. My biggest issue is that the song could have been a little longer...it seemed to end before it really got started.
An I have them all!! Mike Olfield is really under appreciated. Count me in for more Oldfield. :p
Originally Posted by the_jake: Is this the Tubular Bells dude?
Yeah, he is. I checked the link, he's made over a couple dozen albums since the orginal tubular bells, believe it or not.
Is this the Tubular Bells dude?
A little better than Decent