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The Smashing Pumpkins — Saturnine
Album: Judas O (Rotten Apples disc 2)
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Total ratings: 38

Released: 2001
Length: 3:45
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Ouch! This one is just plain PAINFUL.
Never really cared for his voice. theres only a couple of their songs i like, but i just cant get past that grating voice
Interesting, but I don\'t care if I hear it again.
Originally Posted by KevDog: I disagree. Billy and the Pumpkins are bloated and self-important. With the exception of a very small number of tracks, their music is meaningless and will be soon forgotten. How is that for an opinion?
Just hope you're right. There's a good change you are.
very emotional, very good.
This song makes me want to go back to California. Why?
Only in retrospect, sadly, is it possible to see how truly great Billy and the Pumpkins really were.