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Neil Young — Let's Roll
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the thought is there and I suppose that that\'s all that counts but this is not very good at all.
I\'m not too familiar with Neil Young\'s work, so I looked up the track name on CDNOW. I couldn\'t find anything, so I searched elsewhere and found an article that details the origin of the recently released song. Here\'s the url for those who wish to read https://www.chartattack.com/damn/2001/12/0601.cfm
Originally Posted by markmreadr: It's a variation on the opening notes to "Ohio". It also sounds a bit like the opening riff to Bowie's "Fame".
Mark, I definitely heard the "Fame" riff. Perhaps a subliminal association ;)
It\'s a variation on the opening notes to \"Ohio\". It also sounds a bit like the opening riff to Bowie\'s \"Fame\".
the beginning sounds like \"last child\" by aerosmith. before he starts singing, and after the phone rings.
I have no idea if this song will stand up as well as \"Ohio\" 30 years from now, but right now this is a great song. A lot of people do seem to dislike it, even Neil Young fans. Why not save the vitriol for that stupid Paul McCartney song?
The associations that song has are way too powerful yet for me to fairly rate it. What\'s Godlike is the sacrifice the people on that plane were willing to make. Still, I\'d like to hear the song again.
Man, I asked if they had this song yesterday, and missed the song by 2 minutes while I was at Lunch...at least it didn\'t get rave reviews. JOhnny :roll:
It is fitting that we memoralize those brave folks. They are inspiration to us all. But musically this song leave me a bit cold. It has a few interesting riffs, but I\'ll be surprised if it has any longevity.
Reminds me of when the Stones came out with a song right after we enterted the Gulf war. I agree with the other commenter though - heart in the right place, but music is just ok.
Neil Young is one of my favorite artists, but this song just doesn\'t do it for me. I know his heart is in the right place though.
VERY EERIE I got goosebumps hearing the cellphone at the beginning So sad...
The distance from (4 Dead in) Ohio to Pennsylvania seems likes 15,000 miles. As far away as, say, Afghanistan.