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Incubus — Mexico
Album: Morning View
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Total ratings: 42

Released: 2001
Length: 4:16
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There is better Incubus out there.
Yuk. Like overhearing some not very articluate teenager break up with his girlfriend in a cafe... Just go to Mexico already!
what a dirty trick bill played, when he played this song
bad. real bad. :eek:
Reminds me of Bush\'s Glycerine. Some strings and a single guitar playing the same line over and over and over again. Guitar work here is a bit better than Glycerine but could use a \"tad*\" bit more creativity. (See Airplane for definition of \"tad\")
Cake\'s Mexico will do, I think.
This song was probably more fun for them to play than it is for us to listen to.
Yeah--I could definitely do without this song. Please please please don't play this again for a long time... thank you; --d
Goes on a bit, doesn\'t it.
Incubus: \"Whine, whine, whine, ohhhhhhhhh, whine\" Me: \"Shut up\" :mad:
smooth song - nice change of pace.
Originally Posted by lily33: surprised again by incubus. no idea why i'm surprised, but i am.
Maybe you're surprised for the same reason I am. A mainstream radio band that makes good music! Who woulda thunk it? At least we can get past the mentality that dictates, "If it gets played on mainstream radio, I must be too cool for it." I give in. I'm buying this.
bad song, bad band, this is why radio today stinks
surprised again by incubus. no idea why i\'m surprised, but i am.
such a great disc.