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The Cranberries — Never Grow Old
Album: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
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Total ratings: 54

Released: 2001
Length: 2:29
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Gah! Could the lyrics be any more pathetic? Sounds like they were written by Lenny Kravitz.
This song gives upbeat, happy songs a bad name! Maybe you could swap in \"Dear Prudence\" by Siouxie to replace this in the set. Same happy-dreamy-day feeling, and a nice cover to transition to \"When I\'m 64.\"
\"Do-de-do-doo.... Do-de-do-dooo\" I like the older stuff, this is crap
Not sure why all the negative remarks over this song. I\'m a fan of the Cranberries and rather like it! Thank you.
The sound of this band makes me want to eat tomato leaves.
Originally Posted by JrzyTmata: FYI: Never eat tomato leaves... very toxic, can kill you. Tomatoes are nightshade family
"Birds in the sky - they look so high I feel the breeze - I feel at ease"
My God, this song is pathetic!
I love Delores\'s voice. This song is pleasant enough. Been waiting for the Cranberries to write a few more songs along their Zombie vein......