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Pink Floyd — Echoes
Album: Meddle
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Total ratings: 371

Released: 1971
Length: 23:16
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Now I can get on with what I was doing, I had to stop for this.

It is 32 degrees here on a bank holiday Monday, I hope that my neighbours have the same memories of this track.

Thanks Bill, that is a 10+ track.
Also used to listen to this on my way to work at 3am in the early seventies- not on8 track, but cassette. It was still great. With apologies to any households near to traffic lights where I had to wait for a green light.
Very Nice thank you
Thanks Bill!

Had this in my car on 8 track in 1971...one of my fav Floyd tracks EVER!!!

Last Play: Never {#Sad}
Maybe Bill will play this next time he watches 2001: The Pink Floyd song 'Echoes', which clocks in at 23:27 on the album Meddle was inspired by and is perfectly timed to the 'Stargate' sequence in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
How funny, this song comes up as THE #12 SONG in the RP Classics list, and ITS NEVER BEEN PLAYED?
There seems to be some sort of disconnect here.  Personally,I don't think it should be #12, all of Pink Floyd's music comes up with way too high of a rating in the Classics list IMHO.

You would think that one day this song will be played here on RP. Even if it's 3am on a Saturday or Sunday morning. It would surely indelibly etch that moment in time on someone's memory bank.
DSOTM got me interested in Pink Floyd, but Echoes totally blew me away.  The Live at Pompeii version I think is still the best; Meddle version is a bit polished.

Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii - Echoes

"This is paradise."

Pink Floyd  by wnick87

Pink Floyd is an English rock band that initially earned recognition for their psychedelic rock music, and, as they evolved, for their progressive rock music. They are known for philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation, innovative cover art, and elaborate live shows. They have undoubtedly been one of rock music's most successful acts.

Why I love them - I love them because Dark Side of the Moon changed my life. It made me look at music in a whole new light, as I'm sure it did for many others. wnick87

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David Gilmour, Richard Wright - "Echoes" Live-Acoustic Version, from Abbey Road (2008)
"A perfect rendition of a Shepard-Risset glissando at the end. Part of the magic that's "Echoes".
Remembering you always, Richard. We were truly blessed to have you here among us."

Last played in 2001?  That's a crying shame.
One of my all-time favourite songs ever, and certainly the best PF song. Please play this song once in a while... but only the meddle version!
Never, ever play a butchered or "shortened" version of echoes.  That is a travesty.  The original version from Meddle, or don't play it at all.

for the memory of Richard Wright   - 

** 10 **

Pink Floyd is my favorite band of all time. Echoes is by far the best piece of music they ever recorded. I wish there was an 11 to distinguish it from my other very favorite cuts. The atmospherics & intangible or unconcious elements of this song are part of a mental journey that the listener takes with the composers. This is a tour de force of songwriting genius.
This is Floyd at their best. If it's too long to play the entire piece -- and it's such a shame to cut it down -- then play part one of the "Live at Pompeii" version.
either play the 24 minute original meddle version or dont play it at all. lets not insult echoes.
...the fact that this is already in the libary makes it all the more a travesty that the butchered version gets prominent rotation instead...
This one has been my favourite through 15 years, I will never stop loving it. I feel pity for all who havent heard it yet.
Please Bill play this song, it's only like 7 minutes longer then the one you currently have in rotation
busch wrote:
This song needs to be on the playlist. It is difinitely too esoteric to be common on the air but it needs to be in there somewhere so it can pop up and remind us all what rock also was once upon a time.
Not to worry. There's that version in the "echoes" album that is in rotation. Does not *rotate* that much here, but hey there's a lot of other floyd songs going around here too. Sterling stuff this.
This song needs to be on the playlist. It is difinitely too esoteric to be common on the air but it needs to be in there somewhere so it can pop up and remind us all what rock also was once upon a time.
This is Floyd at their best.