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Blues Traveler — All Hands
Album: Bridge
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Total ratings: 35

Released: 2001
Length: 5:00
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Every time the water breaks and soaks me to the bone
I remember what I left behind by sailing off alone
Pitch and yaw through hurricane, my position is unknown
And the bell rings seven times

Salted brine, I drink it down and breathe it through my nose
No sign of land but I hang on and do my best to close
But the swirling tidal undertow keeps pulling me below
And the bell rings seven times

All hands left on deck

An icy rest is waiting at the bottom of the sea
She tried her best to take me as I struggle to get free
But while I have a breath to breathe, she isn't taking me
And the bell rings seven times

All hands left on deck

No hope of rescue
No hope of dry ground
The siren calls all souls on board
To follow her down

Swirling silently beneath the noise and light up there
Push past the frozen arms and legs, ignore the lifeless stare
I grab a line that pulls me up for a precious gasp of air
And the bell rings seven times

All hands left on deck
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Yeah! I just love that honky-tonk piano and mouth-organ mix! One of the funkiest tunes ever!
THIS is blues traveler? wow.. I have one of their earlier cd\'s .. but it was one of those... one or two good songs on it.. and stopped listening to it... This.... not bad! hope the new album is filled with stuff that\'s as good or better... then it\'ll be worth buying... :)
I am not a huge Blues Traveler fan, but I realyy like this song!
Best song off the new album.
Well, I know music is so subjective, but I\'m sorry, this song just kicks butt. Keep playing it, Bill. I love it.