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Afro Celt Sound System — North (parts 1 & 2)
Album: Volume 3: Further In Time
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Total ratings: 338

Released: 2001
Length: 9:44
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Wow! What a fantastic sound ... 
I like it! First time that I have heard this tune.  Thank You RP
Put a penny on the tone arm Bill.  I think it's stuck.  Just plain stuck.  wink.
I like afro celt but this is a little long for work day listen (US East Coast time)...
Overdone, IMO. They\'re more focused when they cooperate with a guest artist/singer. It\'s like they\'ve never heard of leaving things out to create a greater effect and leave room for the listener\'s own imagination. Maybe it works when you\'re in a disco, dancing and let it all hang out, mindless
Quite \'Riverdance\' but I like it.
I still love Afro-Celt, and I\'m glad you\'re still playing them despite the objections of a vociferous minority. Must be a minority with an average 6.1 from 51 listeners. Seems that those who hate them really hate them. Comme c\'est triste
Let me echo some prior comments - enough! We\'re sitting at home listening to RP, we\'re not in a disco (and don\'t want to be).
This cut is getting very annoying. Some things are only good in very small doses -- this is one of them. The smaller the dose the better.
I\'m writing a script and this was the perfect soundtrack to rock me through a tough scene. Loved it! :D
I am sorry to be rude, but this is long, repetetive, pseudo-ethnic clap-trap. Pleeease stop!
I wonder if they play this in Irish clubs. Nice beat; cools sounds.....I like it.
I agree with Joe. But I\'d say Great beat to start the morning. I pop it in the walkman most mornings. Great soundtrack for rush hour madness, (as observed from public transit)