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Afro Celt Sound System — North (parts 1 & 2)
Album: Volume 3-Further In Time
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Total ratings: 162

Released: 2001
Length: 9:44
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I like afro celt but this is a little long for work day listen (US East Coast time)...
Part I would have sufficed! :roll:
Overdone, IMO. They\'re more focused when they cooperate with a guest artist/singer. It\'s like they\'ve never heard of leaving things out to create a greater effect and leave room for the listener\'s own imagination. Maybe it works when you\'re in a disco, dancing and let it all hang out, mindless :??:
Quite \'Riverdance\' but I like it.
I still love Afro-Celt, and I\'m glad you\'re still playing them despite the objections of a vociferous minority. Must be a minority with an average 6.1 from 51 listeners. Seems that those who hate them really hate them. Comme c\'est triste :moon: :lol: :clap:
Let me echo some prior comments - enough! We\'re sitting at home listening to RP, we\'re not in a disco (and don\'t want to be). :frustrated:
This cut is getting very annoying. Some things are only good in very small doses -- this is one of them. The smaller the dose the better.
I\'m writing a script and this was the perfect soundtrack to rock me through a tough scene. Loved it! :D
I am sorry to be rude, but this is long, repetetive, pseudo-ethnic clap-trap. Pleeease stop! :frustrated:
I\'m packing up and moving, and this is GREAT energy to pack to. Thank you!
I wonder if they play this in Irish clubs. Nice beat; cools sounds.....I like it.
I agree with Joe. But I\'d say Great beat to start the morning. I pop it in the walkman most mornings. Great soundtrack for rush hour madness, (as observed from public transit)
My sanity!
Started off okay ... went on for too long and became very annoying.