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Dar Williams — And A God Descended
Album: The Green World
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Total ratings: 48

Released: 2000
Length: 4:09
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"Step through this trampled wall
The unhinged door betrays it all
That far within our faith we were all waiting
The broken glass reflects the haze
It shines like endless holy days
Struggling to remember what they're celebrating

Well, a God descended
And the reason ended
His life was lifted just above the law
And now we have to live with what we did
With what we saw

Well, you mend your clothes and patch your roof
And slivers of God's shattered truth
Grow tender as the grass in clean-swept yards
But a savior came and told us how
The truth was all around us now
Abandon house and field and gather up the shards


Well, you build your faith with strength and duty
Build your love but there's a beauty
Well you know the scriptures tell
There are a few shards left in hell
And if we want a god we had to follow, follow him down

Pictures torn out of their frames
And orgies where we lost our names
All were gone with time's real desire
Well, you ask how God can curse you thus
That's not a question asked by us
We burned our beds and books
We fear we've lost the fire

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 rhw wrote:

I will give her a 6 only because she has a fukny name

I will give you a 4 because your spelling scuks. 
Ho-Hum, Hody Hody Hum.
A bit 80s MOR to my ears, a shame because other Dar Williams numbers played on RP have been good. A bit snooze-inducing - 3 from the dozy Nottingham jury {#Sleep}
Dar Williams covered a Bruce Springsteen song from Nebraska, and it gives me chills — just great.  I give her an 8 because of that, even though this song is a little boring...
I will give her a 6 only because she has a fukny name