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David Byrne — The Accident
Album: Look Into The Eyeball
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Total ratings: 41

Released: 2001
Length: 2:33
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When you see an accident do not turn your head and look away
I can see detectives are sifting through the wreckage we have made

It starts with only one kiss
It changes everything

TV crews arrive on the scene
They say "See the man who lost everything"
He lies shattered like a glass on the ground
They say "Only you can bring him around
& set me free"

I became delirious
Palm trees gently swaying in the breeze
On a desert island, I haven't seen a human being for years

The house where we used to live
Described by witnesses
TV crews arrive on the scene
& the anchorman they break down and weep
Living proof that things are not what they seem
It takes all these wild and wonderful things -
To set me free
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What a perfectly dry waste of music.
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. How BORING and UNIMAGINATIVE.
This one seeped into my consciousness while I was concentrating on something else...now I need to hear it again. I liked what I heard.
Good grief, somebody actually gave this a 10? Have to agree with poster below, if Byrne wasn't singing this might be more compelling.
There's entirely too much of David Byrne's awful voice on RP in the last hour. This piece is very interesting musically but Byrne destroys it by opening his mouth.
A bit a la The Divine Comedy
is this a collaboration with sondheim?
A great song, on a great album. No need for people to not listen to it. I think everyone should be enlightened, at least twice, on this song. Excellant for quick bursts of greatness. Play whenever a void might exist, or just for the hell of it. Play it often, Play it loud. Thank YOU!