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Joe Higgs — Uncle John's Band
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Length: 6:22
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This was really bad... until you get to the bridge... and the wonderful, unintentionally hilarious, note for note \"recreation\" of the lead. This sounds like somebody with no musical ability playing with low end 1993 MIDI using a preprogrammed Reggae Rhythm and some Dead sheet music.
Now, i\'m both a Dead fan and a reggae fan, so i had to give this one a 6. I cant believe the outcry of some people about this. But you think the Johnny Cash covers of U2 songs are good!? puh-lease
This song gained its strength from being part of the unique cultural context that the Dead created. It really is rather a trifle standing alone and does not adapt well as a meaningful cover.
First \"1\" Ive ever given. But Sucko, Barfo pretty much covers it. In fact, I can\'t recall a cover so effectively sucking the life out of the original. And mind you, I can recall Shawn Cassidys cover of Bowie\'s \"Rebel Rebel\"!
so what is the laptop used for as opposed to the other computers in the studio?
PLEASE make it stop!!! This is just crap!
I like it - cool version
I\'d much rather hear the Indigo Girls cover of this song or the original.
Bleh. Like combining cottage cheese with turnips. :( Doesn\'t go together very well.
I prefer the peppier version that the Dead used to play. This is okay, not great, but okay.
I can think of very few songs on RP that are more for me to poop on.
Well, I like the reggae beat. I\'ll give it a 7. :D