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James Taylor — (I've got to) Stop Thinkin' 'bout That
Album: New Moon Shine
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Total ratings: 27

Released: 1991
Length: 3:59
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The lyrics swim around through an emotion muck of quagmire that evoke an eternal sadness recalling that time when my actions set off a cascade of ruin, lies, deceit masking carnality that belongs no more. Peter and Paul face off their zealot beliefs so I can ride them for awhile. It doesn’t end, ever, never ...

James Taylor and Art Garfunkel - "Crying In The Rain" Live:

I'm not sure why there isn't much JT on RP. I'm not talking about all the hits, but this one should get a listen. I like his arrangement of horns with his 80's / 90's stuff. Slight jazz influence too.