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James Taylor — (I've got to) Stop Thinkin' 'bout That
Album: New Moon Shine
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Total ratings: 69

Released: 1991
Length: 3:59
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Wrong song for the page or wrong page for the song? I'm listing to "Shower The People" and the page shows info for "(I've got to) Stop Thinkin' Bout That". Whoops?

Guess I won't rate, since I'm not sure which song will get rated. :)
The lyrics swim around through an emotion muck of quagmire that evoke an eternal sadness recalling that time when my actions set off a cascade of ruin, lies, deceit masking carnality that belongs no more. Peter and Paul face off their zealot beliefs so I can ride them for awhile. It doesn’t end, ever, never ...

James Taylor and Art Garfunkel - "Crying In The Rain" Live:

I'm not sure why there isn't much JT on RP. I'm not talking about all the hits, but this one should get a listen. I like his arrangement of horns with his 80's / 90's stuff. Slight jazz influence too.