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Leftover Salmon — Euphoria
Album: Euphoria
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Length: 3:20
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Well Ma's out there, twitchin' in the kitchen

Dad's in the living room, fussin' and a-bitchin'

I'm out here, kicking the gong for... Euphoria!


Euphoria - When your mind starts reelin' and a-rockin;

Your inside voice starts squealing and squawking

Floatin' around on a belladonna cloud, singin'... Euphoria!

There's a man in the corner sittin' underneath the table
Sad, makin' faces at a union label
Grittin' his ears and he rolled his eyes and hollerin'... Euphoria!


Patted Eve on the bottom, patted Adam on the back
Smiled at the serpent and the serpent smiled back
Took a bite of the apple, two bites gone, hollerin'... Euphoria!

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can't sit still...breaking cheap office chair. \:D/
Nice pick-me-up this early in the morning... :bounce:
Okay, this is just one seriously cute and perky song. Normally, I would hate it for those qualities.....but this one would definitely grow on me, mostly because every one in this band just seems to be having one heck of a time.
What a peppy little song. I liked it.
Nasty slide guitar. :clap:
Thoroughly enjoyed it. Reminds me of Dan Hicks. Where is Dan on the playlist? Fun music! A friend of mine ironed his shirts during the summer of love in SF. Groupies! God bless Groupies!
yippiekya... (fill in the movie line) :frustrated:
At least play The Youngbloods\' version.
Please DON\'T play this in the morning! :frustrated:
What a fun song. It just makes me feel good.
Oh god don\'t ever play this again! :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated:
Originally Posted by ejangel: Mark Vann of Leftover Salmon past away this year. online memorial
Very sad... He was a very talented guy - & (from what I've heard) a very nice fellow, too.
Mark Vann of Leftover Salmon past away this year. online memorial
:D would prefer some live cuts, but it\'s so nice to hear Leftover on the radio!!!!! YIPPY!!!