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Laura Love — Anyway
Album: The Laura Love Collection
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Total ratings: 155

Released: 1995
Length: 4:41
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Saturday's the last I saw of what I got on Friday
And tomorrow I will crawl on back and stand in line
If I can I'll borrow some to make it through a while
Hand me down and run me 'round until I'm back again
All the livelong day -- anyway

So you say a few of us will not be coming back
Who among you will not mind and who is looking slack
Did I hear an angry word from one of you sometime
Did you know the gravy train can stop upon a dime
All the livelong day -- anyway
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Well this is very cool.
She is fantastic. I have her CDs Octaroon and Shum Ticky.  Velvety and disciplined vocals (yodeling!) and great musicality. Please play more Laura Love!
This song has me laughing out loud & I have no idea why.
omg please make it stop!!!!
Wow.  Haven't heard this in a while.


Jury is out.
like Gomer used to say "well Golllllllll-lee"
I Love it when Laura shows up on the playlist. Reminds me to revisit my library for her again!
hmm, interesting, have to see what else I hear from her, {#Bananajam}
I'll be the first to add a comment about this piece. Don't care for it at all.  
The yodel is a pleasant surprise.
Hi Laura