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John Mayall — Undercover Agent For The Blues
Album: Wake Up Call
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Total ratings: 47

Released: 1993
Length: 5:07
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She was my lover
She was working undercover
Oh the woman knew all of the moves
She really had me rompin'
We were barefoot stompin'
She just kept igniting my fuse

I was blinded by the blackness
Of her long silk stockings
She was rocking with an optical illusion
This ain't how I'd thought it'd be
She just kept on keeping me
In a total state of confusion

She took me for a ride
Rattled me down to my shoes
And I found out
She was an undercover agent for the blues

She never really needed love
I was just an innocent bystander
She kept on getting kinkier
I sank hook, line, and sinker
Just, just, just too hot to handle

She took me by storm
It must of been a season for the fools
She's so bad
An undercover agent for the blues
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Points deducted for weak rhythm, inane and repetitive lyrics, and possibly the dumbest song title ever. Sucko :puke: Barfo Note to artists: Please think stuff through before you publish it.
mattt wrote:
Ha Ha, ACE! Excellent!
garthwb wrote:
Can blue men play the Whites?
Can blue men play the Whites?
I hate it when songs have inane lyrics. "Undercover agent for the blues"? What does that even mean?
Wow, that was truly awful. Airport hotel piano bar at best.
I'm a fan but "Undercover agent for the blues"?....that's one cheesy title.
Leslie wrote:
Very nice!
I agree! :yes:
Very nice!
Love the title and the song from #1White Blues Man.
Bought all of John's albums after listening to "Turning Point" in 1969.The list of musicians that have played with him is amazing.Not a real bluesy voice...but represents very well.He stll looks great,even though the picture from this album comes from 1993.
Rhythm seems inspired by "Take Me to the River".