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Mazzy Star — Cry, Cry
Album: Among My Swan
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Total ratings: 108

Released: 1996
Length: 3:52
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Cry, cry for you
Just like you knew I wouldn't do
Cry, cry for you
Just like a song in the last light

Should I leave it all away
Not like the kindness that you gave
That's why it never seems the same
Behind your eyes

I stood behind when no one asked me
And took you home after the fight
I drove my car into city lights
Drove down the road that I am on

Cry, cry for you
That's what you think I want to be
Cry, cry for you
An empty heart that sees me through

Cry, cry for you
Just like you knew I wouldn't do
Cry cry for you
Just like a song in the last light

Cry, cry for you
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Just waaaant to eraaaase myself
A 2 for effort.

Mama, take this plagio away from me, cause I can't hear it anymore...
so Hope Sandoval (aka Mazzy Star) is playing a show at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston... and the crowd is getting restless... it is a very dimly lit show (at the artist's request) and a lot of people were there to see Hope b/c they heard she was cute... not a shadow on stage.. so a bit into the show a quiet crowd started chit-chatting, drinking at the bar and what-not. Mazzy stopped the show and started complaining about the crowd being too loud. Someone shouted out "We love you Hope!" to which she replied: "I don't need you to love me. I need you to SHUT THE F**K UP!" Amazingly bizarre moment out of all the live shows I've worked/seen. Almost the whole crowd turned on her. She was very apologetic after the show and is a TOTAL SWEETHEART in person. Just an off night I guess.
mmmmm :) Soothing. I actually went out and bought the Hope Sandoval album after hearing her voice here.
Knock knock knockin\' on heaven\'s door.. I like Mazzy Star, but this is a significant rip job.
... feels like I\'m knocking on heaven\'s door... err, no - wrong song. ;)
Can\'t take any more of these sleepy vocal \"stylings\" that seem to be gaining popularity. Could all such vocalists just take a shot of espresso first?
Soothing. You can\'t go wrong, with such a sultry, mystical voice singing over Knockin On Heaven\'s Door\'s chord progression.
Love it!!! :D