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Joseph Arthur — Invisible Hands
Album: Come to Where I'm From
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Total ratings: 90

Released: 2000
Length: 5:04
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There are things we cannot know
Invisable hands which guide the show from up above

Sometimes you are forced to cope
Fall away and shut the door on the one you love

Well I don't know now where you are
Your photogragh sits like a scar up against my wall

Such a pretty face
The sunshine in your eyes
Taking on the days
When all we had was love

Shut the light on me
Shut the light on me

Now Jesus he came down here just to die for all my sins
I needed him to come back here and die for me again
Cuz i cannot forgive myself for what it is I've done
For hating your memory like a vampire hates the sun
And all the wounds you left

Shut the light on me
Shut the light on me
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I like it until the vocal part
I think I just really liked that?!!!
This sounds like a 45 RPM single record played at 33-1/3 RPM.
jessi17 wrote:
Would like to hear some more from this seemingly interesting artist!
Me TOO. Love it.
No, people this is good music. I mean, you guys like John Mayer...
he needs a cup of joe and a cough drop. ;)
What in the hell was that? :frustrated:
I think I just Re-Tripped on some acid I did 20 years ago!!!! I don\'t like the effects...sounds terrible on my speakers turned up loud.... (pimp) (pimp) :eek: :eek: (pimp) (pimp)
I find his voice rather annoying, and then what\'s with the space-age stuff in the background with a harmonica?! hmmm, not sure if that is mixing well....maybe not put this into heavy rotation? ;)
Sounds like a heavily sedated Donovan.
Spooky. I\'m glad this guy found music as an outlet....
Don\'t know if I\'d want to hear a whole album of this, but I liked this song a lot.
So very bad, it was laughable! :lol: :lol: :lol:
:D very kool, i\'ll add it to garbage\'s \'only happy when it rains\' for the blues
not sure about the vocalist, but I do like the mixing and instrumentation on this song .... very \"unconventional\"
This song, and whole album, helped me live through a painful divorce. Who cares if it is a little depressing? Sometimes it helps to hear someone else\'s take on heartbreak.
Ugh! There\'s even static or some sort of grating noise in here. Entirely too depressing.
Dude, pass me the bong...this song is really brining me down...
The song made me stop to click while at work. Definitely entered my brain. Ummm....anyone else notice the first enthusiastic comment is by JA :eek: :D
Originally Posted by tawanda: Proof that if you really can't sing, mumbling won't fool anyone.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Sounds like a performance artist posing as a musician to me.
When this song started all I could say was, \"Holy Moly, who the heck is this??\" :??: My teeth are on edge just so the fillings don\'t pop out!
I agree with you, Heron - this is quite intriguing. can\'t believe that I have not heard it here before. :??: anyway, I love it!
How have I missed this one till now!?! Sonambulistic and menacing...will have to pursue this further.
kindasortalike nine inch nails without the anger
Originally Posted by hobbitt: Man, I don't know what kind of drugs you need to enjoy this one...
Or what kind he is on to think this is good.
Man, I don\'t know what kind of drugs you need to enjoy this one...
You think this is slow and down, try listening to his first album (Big City Secrets)... Love it. Play more JA, and more Morphine while you\'re at it... only thing keeping me cool when the sun is blasting off the pavement here in downtown NYC.. -p
Haunting and daring....take that bubble gum pop.
Proof that if you really can\'t sing, mumbling won\'t fool anyone.
Can't say about Thorazine... never tried it. But this would go well with most psychedelic substances :D In my case I like this straight up as I seem to be permanently psychedelicized :D
:cool: way coool Pssst, got any thorazine? :cool:
mood music for those on thorazine...medication time, medication time....
freaky! :D
zzZZzz ....
Would like to hear some more from this seemingly interesting artist!