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U2 — Paint It Black
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I see a red door
And I want it painted black
No colors anymore
I want them to turn black
I see the girls walk by
Dressed in their summer clothes
I have to turn my head
Until my darkness goes

I see a line of cars
And they're all painted black
With flowers and my love
Both never to come back
I see them turn their heads
Quickly look away
Like a newborn baby
It just happens every day

I look inside my self
See my heart is back

I see my red door
And I want it painted black
Maybe then I'll fade away
And not have to face the facts
It's not easy facing up
When your whole world is black

No more will my green sea
Go turn a deeper blue
I could not foresee
This thing happening to you.
If I look hard enough
Into the setting sun,
My love will laugh with me
Before the morning comes

(Wanna see...)
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A truly great music fan dies, and upon passing through the pearly gates, he is treated to a tour of the place by St. Peter. He sees the sight of Stevie Ray Vaughan jamming with Hendrix. He sees Bach playing air-hockey with Beethoven. And then he sees a guy in bug-eye glasses with a black pony tail singing "One maaaaan, In the name of loooove...." "Bono?!," our music fan cries. "I didn't know Bono died!" "Him?" said St. Peter. "That's not Bono, that's God! He just thinks he's Bono." < rim shot > Ok, not a good joke, but it was better than this cover of Paint it Black.
I think this cover would have been better if U2 would have sing it a few years ago, as they did for All Along The Watchtower...
Originally Posted by orpheus: :frustrated: this is one of those examples where bono's ego definitely gets the better of him :cry: :evil: :??: :p
Captain Beefheart must have thought the same, because when (big fan) Bono called him up to ask whether he would like to cooperate with him, the Captain answered: 'Who did you say, Bonzo?' :lol: :clap: Well, actually I think Don van Vliet (his real name) really didn't know Bono, because he turned his back at the music business long ago and is living in the desert ever since. Painting is his main occupation nowadays :cool:
This is just an insult to the original. Well, not that bad maybe. But it seems such a lame attempt.
:frustrated: this is one of those examples where bono's ego definitely gets the better of him :cry: :evil: :??: :p
I used to think U2 could do wrong - until I heard this song...
The only part where it began to show a bit of promise was the instrumental break where The Edge started to get a little, um Edgy? btw is his first name \"The\" and last name \"Edge\" :roll: Q
NOt a bad cover, but the original is definately better!
Originally Posted by briandel: If you're going to cover a tune, make sure you change it up, even if that means butchering it up a bit. I don't mind this. I give them an A for effort. Besides, U2 can do no wrong in my book.
Ahhh, love is truly blind & deaf! :lol: :lol:
This version is stripped of everything good about the original :??:
I\'m a U2 fan - but they shouldn\'t do covers. Their genius is in the sound they developed for themselves. It\'s not a good song to begin with!
Stop being Bono and sing the song.
sorry, but I like it ...
That\'s what I love about this forum. People call it as it is. In this case 3.4 is a very just rating.
Execrable. Definitely a lose-lose situation. Please don't play this again, Bill.
Originally Posted by Milo: Uhh...Bill...this just doesn't work...makes the Stones and U2 look bad
:cry: :frustrated: just too awful for words
Wow, so this is what it takes to make people dis U2! I never thought I'd see the day. I'm expecting the universe to implode at any second now. :eek: I guess I should give it a 10 as a testament to its power. Roasting the sacred cow...
I\'ve heard of \"A\" sides and \"B\" sides . . . this one would have to be a \"C\" side. U2 can do much better than this, as can RP.
P U from U2
Some recordings should have never made it to CD or vinyl - some ideas are better left in the head - some master tapes should be erased - someone should have asked Bono, \"What the hell are you doing man?\" - some times, even if you love them to death, you have to give U2 a sucko-barfo rating to keep them honest - it\'s for their own (and ours) good, really.... :eek:
\"Ah yes, Mr. Bono. Exquisitely bad singing. Outstandingly well done mangling of a classic. Just outstandling bad. Bravo!\" --- Leonard Pinth Garnell
Uhh...Bill...this just doesn\'t work...makes the Stones and U2 look bad
Does everyone have to do a cover of this song? Don\'t even get me started about Vanessa Carlton.. :frustrated:
I just love this song. I love the Stones, and U2. But this just doesn\'t work !!!!
Great song when done by the Stones.
Oh, great U2 is doing Phish impersonations now. I can\'t give this a 1 because it\'s such a great song, but this performance is bad.
The Flaming Groovies also do a great version of this song. U2\'s is very weak, dosen\'t have the same grit as the Stones.
Originally Posted by Patti_M.: U2 is a good band, but not with this song! Only the Stones can do this one! pbm 8^)
Yes, U2 should've left this one alone. Ruby Tuesday, though, seemed to be quite suitable for them. Wouldn't say only the Stones can do this one. I remember Eric Burdon & the New Animals doing a rather convincing and exciting rendition, for instance.
U2 is a good band, but not with this song! Only the Stones can do this one! pbm 8^)
this cover do sux.. the \"tea Party\" cover is much better, tho you cant beat the orig.
oh come on. A great song -- the original is brilliant -- done by a great group. Sure, it\'s not as good as the Stones -- but hey!
This is so bad it\'s not even funny. At the time of this writing, the song has a cumulative rating of 3.3. Considering how low that is, why is this song being played?
Ugh. Maybe a 2.
the Feelies cover this on \'Crazy Rhythms\' - check it out.
I\'m with the \"thumbs down\" crowd on this one. I\'ll be kind though, and give it a \"2\", because it wasn\'t actually bad enough to make me sick to my stomach. :lol:
U2 and the Rolling Stones - Two GREAT Tastes that taste rotten together. this is awful.
This is a great cover. Never play it again. Stones only. Period.
U2. Yucky. Bad enough they put out their own pretentious, blathering, overly dramatic whining crap, but now they have to ruin someone else\'s song too. :mad:
Count me as another listener who thinks that the original is THE BEST. I am all for musicians doing their own interpretations of other\'s songs...but this one is best left alone. Only the Stones will do.
The original is still better. It feels like U\" havent done a very good job here. :(
If you\'re going to cover a tune, make sure you change it up, even if that means butchering it up a bit. I don\'t mind this. I give them an A for effort. Besides, U2 can do no wrong in my book.
Love U2, but I\'d take their cover of Night And Day or Everlasting Love over this, but it\'s not as bad as everyone else is saying. I\'ll also add that U2\'s latest isn\'t even their best in the last 5 years, much less the last 15.
Not nearly as good as the Stones. Keep posing Bono!