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The Rolling Stones — Brand New Car
Album: Voodoo Lounge
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Total ratings: 126

Released: 1994
Length: 4:08
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I got a brand new car
And I like to drive real hard
I got a brand new car
And I'm feeling good so far
Take her on the highway for a little spin
I want to see the kind of shape she's in
And I got a brand new star
Jack her up baby, go on, open the hood
I want to check if her oil smells good
Mmmm...smells like caviar
Give her some stick
Push her too far
Right to the brink
Hear the motor running
Yeah, she's right in sink
Tell me if she's thirsty
Would she like a drink
And I'm stopping at this bar
Slinky like a panther
You can hear her purr
Touch her on the seat
Go on, feel the fur
And I got a brand new star
Feel the juice
Foot to the floor
Take some abuse
I got a brand new car
And I drive her in the dark
And I got a brand new car
I think I'll stop and park
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It's been 25 years already, since 'VooDoo Lounge' ?
Saw the Stones in the Kingdome here in Seattle that Tour and I don't think they played this.
Didn't play it at Key Arena here in 2005 either.
Saw them last Wednesday at Century Link here in Seattle, and they didn't do it. Maybe next Tour.
Until then, thanks RP, for breaking the monotony.
I gave this a ten because.

A prolific band like the Rolling Stones should never be condemned for experimenting. However, it\'s perfectly acceptable to point out that this experiment is crap.
Originally Posted by sparklingdark: Ummm, i still can't listen to AOR because this cr** is all I hear....Isn't there an antivirus or something out there to keep the RS/Aerosmith etc. away from good radio??
I think you are being way too broad. Such reasoning would rule out some lesser known and very cool songs you would probably enjoy if properly showcased in the swirl of Paradise. I agree with you that this is a rather trite and pedestrian offering from the Stones. But judge not the whole from something as unrepresentative as this. Peace.
To my ears, anyway, there are some really worthy deep cuts on VOODOO LOUNGE, I just don't think this is one of them. I much prefer "Moon is Up", "Blinded by Rainbows" followed by "Out of Tears" and even "The Worst". A pretty solid album with "Love is Strong" and "You Got Me Rockin'" - a good raveup.
I like it alot...I feel dirty just listening to it...
Originally Posted by Jack_Bausman: Mick nicked old E.E. Cummings for this one. Good song.
Good catch.
Nice segue, Bill. How \'bout more of the occasional themed sets?
I liked the bass playing on this one and thought it was a surprise compared to the other bassplaying Daryll Jones did after replacing Bill Wyman. Then I discovered Keith was playing this part!
Mick nicked old E.E. Cummings for this one. Good song.