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John Hiatt — Have a Little Faith in Me
Album: The Best Of
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Total ratings: 143

Released: 1998
Length: 3:41
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Old cranky, but I love the original (9/10). This one just seems like the closing scene to a bad movie.
I'm also much more fond of the original. This started at a 9... dropped to a 7.... finally wound up at a 2.
Great Bill!! Let\'s ROCK!! :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:
thought this was a rockstation... (this Hiatt song SUCKS!!) :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated:
Is Hiatt still wanting a big commercial break-through or something? I think this won\'t give him that and instead it\'ll irritate his loyal following, who\'ll surely prefer his original recording of Have a Little Faith in Me.
Grow up, people. The man\'s honoring his RB influences with one of his best songs. The only thing that\'s wrong is the uptight, white drum track, and even that isn\'t horrible. :bounce:
would also prefer the original
This starts out okay, but by the time the choir kicks in, it\'s just awful. What a travesty. :cry: Next time, play the original, from Bring the Family.
Originally Posted by dmax: NO NO NO Stop this awful version of this beautiful song!!! :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :cry: :cry: :cry:
This is his song... :rolleyes:
Delbert McClinton does a nice cover of this, by the wy.
This is one of those songs that stand up as one of the best examples of what it means to be a man...simple lyrics, nothing too obscure/obtuse/flowery...
I agree, the original is better. I also like Delbert McClinton\'s version as well.
This is one of my favorite John Hiatt songs (and that's saying a lot, I'm a big fan) - but not this version. The original recording (from Bring the Family, I think), with just the simple piano line and John's expressive voice, really caught the emotions of this song. All the production frosting in this remake overwhelms the flavor.
NO NO NO Stop this awful version of this beautiful song!!! :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :cry: :cry: :cry:
One of those songs that, when I first heard it, went immediately to my local record store and purchased. I\'ve been a huge Hiatt fan ever since.