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John Hiatt — Riding With The King
Album: The Best Of
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Total ratings: 98

Released: 1998
Length: 4:13
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I dreamed I did a good job and I got well paid
Blew it all at the penny arcade
A hundred dollars on a kewpie doll
I guess no white chick is gonna make me crawl
That's right

On a TWA to the promised land
Every woman, child and man
Gets a Cadillac and a diamond ring
Don't you know we're riding with the king?

He's on a mission of mercy to the new frontier
He's gonna check us all on out of here
Up to that mansion on a hill
Where you can get your prescription filled
Any kind of pill

On a TWA to the promised land
Everybody come on and clap your hands
Don't you just love the way he sings
Don't you know we're riding with the king?
We're riding with the king

A red cape and shiny cold .45
I never saw his face but I saw the light
Tonight everybody's getting their angel wings
Don't you know we're riding with the king?

Well I stepped out of a mirror at ten years old
With a suit cut sharp as a razor and a heart full of gold
I had a guitar hanging just about waist high
I'm gonna play that thing until the day I die

We're riding with the king
Don't you know we're riding with the king?
We're riding with the king
We're riding with the, hmmmm
Riding with the king
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John Hiatt & Sonny Landreth - "Riding With the King" Live:

Is this from the Nick Lowe side? I forget.
Hot Dog! I'm seeing John Hiatt with the North Mississippi All-Stars tomorrow night. This just helps get the mood started early. Thanks RP!
This was the album that really caught my attention. Some dynamite production (two people, one for each side) and some amazing songwriting. Hiatt was near the end of his relationship with his wife (she would kill herself) and he was frustrated with his career ("he got all tangled up in liquor and drugs and tried to make a record like those Eng-a-lish mugs"). And the pain and desperation shows through. This tune, and a gorgeous handful of others from this album, are shining gems. I don't know if he'll ever top "You May Already Be a Winner."
I give this a seven, cos it's a good song. But now I feel like getting out the EC / BBK disc.
Who's he riding with? Good, but then it got really repetitive.
Didn't Eric Clapton do a cover of this with B.B. King? Most excellent.... :dancingbanana_2:
Roverfish wrote:
VERY reminiscent of "Alone in the Dark" off Bring the Family, don't you think? Quite likeable tune.
yes :)
dango wrote:
Garbage. No-groove, clunk-rock.
No groove? Pardon, but you must dance like a white guy with no a$$. This has groove in spades...
hate to say it, but i much prefer the Clapton/King version.
I like John Hiatt's later work but EC and BB do this song way better. John could have made this way more dirty and it might have more impact. Also a fat horn section could have taken this cut out of the ordinary, alas, no Tower of Power here....... Still worthy but not memorable.
VERY reminiscent of "Alone in the Dark" off Bring the Family, don't you think? Quite likeable tune.
More from the Riding With the King album: She Loves the Jerk You May Already Be a Winner. This is where he hit his stride.
Hiatt's one of those somewhat rare performers who really became a much better songwriter and performer further on in his career. That said, this older stuff certainly isn't bad, but doesn't hold up that well compared to anything from the Bring the Family/Slow Turning period and beyond.
no comments, how can I resist being the first...or secong...I feel like I'm Riding with the King whenever I've listening to RP...keep up the good work
Garbage. No-groove, clunk-rock.