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Shawn Colvin — I Want It Back
Album: A Few Small Repairs
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Total ratings: 219

Released: 1996
Length: 4:50
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I lost the thread, I lost the map
It's not a feeling, it's a fact
I had it once, I was on track
Why won't it stay? I want it back

I see you there in that magazine
You're looking smart, you sound supreme
You got such lip, you know the street
You been around, you took some heat

You mighta killed, you might be cruel
You might be stupid but we love you
You're in the paper, you're in the air
You're in my head, you're everywhere

I want it back

You're so extreme, you're feast or famine
You got one mission, just like a salmon
You said in life, mistakes are many
How come you never admit to any?

Are you for real or are you bluffing?
You really get me, famous for nothing
And every morning you got a name
In a world where people all look the same

I want it back

I can't give love, I don't know how
I write in code so you won't know
I was on drugs, I took a nap
I didn't mean it, I want it back

I dreamed again of paradise
I floated steady, it felt so nice
to sell your soul, just think of that
I'm halfway there, I want it back

I want it back
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For God's sake give it back to her!!  I like Shawn but this song is grating!!
God I just love when the song cuts loose in the middle with power chords.
 jeepster wrote:
Love Shawn Colvin, but that famine/salmon ryhme... was she kidding?
I think she was trying to be silly there; probably because she couldn't find a rhyme for "catfish".

 Wizzo_oz wrote:
 awesome. thanks. you can have my share of springsteen


With very few exceptions (Thunder Road, Badlands....... That might be it?) I will decline your generous offer. : )
Love the guitar during the verses, but want a better chorus and instrumental break.
 jeepster wrote:
Love Shawn Colvin, but that famine/salmon rhyme... was she kidding?
Girl has got to have fun!  Nice song.  {#Clap} 

Regardless of the naysayer's comments, she get's an 8 right out of the box.  Go girl!
 hencini wrote:
You can have it. 
  awesome. thanks. you can have my share of springsteen
You can have it. 
Starting at a 8. That rarely happens. Just DIG it. 
Love Shawn Colvin, but that famine/salmon ryhme... was she kidding?
Love the guitar work on this song ... Love Shawn ... Love everything she's ever recorded!!
please please give it to her and maybe she'll stop.......
Awful Songwriting, composition and arrangement.  
"Hey guys.... this songs called... I want it back- I want it back- I want it back.."
What a horrible song....
BRILLIANT. Why have I never heard this before?
Famine/Salmon rhyme... very nice.
PLEASE.... no more......
Is this really the first play on RP? I seem to remember liking this song more 14 years ago. Oh well, not bad.
uggghh, just not a fan of Shawn Colvin
It's a song about the money I spent on this CD.... hahaha. I guess if this is going to be the first posted comment about the song, I should be more positive. I actually like some of the songs on this CD quite a bit - but this one just holds no appeal for me.