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Florence + The Machine — No Light, No Light (Unplugged)
Album: MTV Unplugged
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Total ratings: 127

Released: 2012
Length: 4:08
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for those of us with less then refined musical knowledge and taste this is incredibly painful to listen to. 
I wish this was unplugged.
Flo and the Machine are ok, but do we have to hear them so often?
 jhorton wrote:
Lana Del Ray should be forced to sit and listen to this.
She should cover Grace Slick - White Rabbit (?) - would be awesome.
Lana Del Ray should be forced to sit and listen to this.
Nice....but now I'm longing for the rock version.
Please make it stop.
Stop shouting lass!
Just another screeching female singer. Seems to be what all the labels are pushing now adays... {#Beat}
And now something from the non-hater side...

I was able to catch this on Paladia while working from home the other day, and I missed the beginning but luckily I was able to DVR a later airing... I must say, this might have been my favorite Unplugged since they heyday of Nirvana and 10,000 Maniacs. Plus, Florence looked absoletly gorgeous up there. (Not that is should matter, but) I've never really thought she was that attractive in the pictures I've seen of her, but here she looked stunning.
Saw her live and it was amazing, but somehow I'm not as into this particular live performance. A bit too rambly and disconnected without the full instrumentation perhaps.
It is so funny, I am always logged into the forum so I can see you guys having to suffer through this as I listen to something good!{#Lol}
Time to elulate Dear Florence,you are so over rated and over played!
FLORENCE is great - with or without machine, like here!
 ...ly awful 

davidfarmerie wrote:

Aah Florence, if only your machine were the same as the one used by Dr. Jack Kavorkian.

Over the line?

You could pull it back vocally and have a more powerful effect, is all I'm saying.
 jberko wrote:
Nails scratching a chalk board.
Crazy what two people can experience at the exact same moment hearing the exact same thing! {#Jump}
Sounds amazing for an acoustic recording, almost better than the full version.
Goose bumps and more goose bumps. Her voice is like a crystal knife, cutting through the chatter bringing me immediately into the present and my heart. Grateful!
Nails scratching a chalk board.