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Ani DiFranco — Mariachi
Album: Which Side Are You On?
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Total ratings: 124

Released: 2012
Length: 3:55
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I'll be the right hand
You'll be the left hand
You and me we make
A mariachi band

Standing on the corner
Waiting for the light
When you're around I
Always feel alright

From the Painted Desert
Over to Paris, France
I followed your pointed
Finger with my glance

And I've seen so much
More than I would see
If it was just me, just me
If it was just me, just me

Our first rehearsal
Was under a redwood tree
And you brought lyrics and you
Handed them to me

And you said here you are
The only one who can sing this
And I felt kissed and I wondered
If it was just me, just me
If it was just me, just me

Let's get this party started
Let's squeeze the lime
The mariachi life
Is really more than fine

You know I'll meet you
You know I'll be flyin' blind
At the appointed corner
At the appointed time
At the appointed corner
At the appointed time

What if it was just me, just me?
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oooh, I love this lush cover.  Love peacocks!
I'm so glad she is back at it.  I really missed her amazing voice and lyrics!  {#Heartkiss}
I keep hearing something that reminds me of Tracy Chapman in the guitar line...Nice song, though. Have always loved Ani.
It is very, very nice to hear her voice again.

Man, listening to that voice again after so many years makes me realize that I'm getting older. Sweet jeebus. 

Really like Ani!  Not familiar with this at all - nice to hear it - promising.  I would love to hear more tunes from Up,Up,Up,Up and Little Plastic Castles - my 2 fav albums by her.

YAY!  haven't heard Ani in a good long while!

Absolutely Love Ani!