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Interpol — A Time To Be So Small
Album: Antics
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Total ratings: 31

Released: 2004
Length: 4:37
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Saw you from the urchin's side, from under the boat
Saw you making knots, saw you get the rope
The boy appearing on the deck and making it lurch
And bubble of your interests ready to burst

He whistles and he runs

Saw you in distraction, a sleeping slow despair
Rehearsing interaction, he wasn't even there
A creature is a creature though you wish you were the wind
The boat will not stop moving if you tie him up until the end

He whistles and he runs so hold him fast
Breathe the burn, you want to let it last
He might succumb to what you haven't seen
He has a keen eye for what you used to be

When the cadaverous mob saves its doors for the dead men
You cannot leave
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rocco1207 wrote:
Joy Division with a little Jim Morrison in there
Definitely. Definitely.
Joy Division with a little Jim Morrison in there
this guy's voice drives me up the walls.
Interpol has always reminded me of Joy Division. I freaked the first time I heard them.
got anything from their new album yet?
Frist1 Interpol is always a fun listen.