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Ani DiFranco — Do Re Me (Live)
Album: Swing Set
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Total ratings: 37

Released: 2000
Length: 3:04
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This is a terrible version of a clasic folk tune. If there is a version out there to play, it would be Nanci Grifith's. (her voice is a little bit of an aquired taste)
Musicality: 7 - well-played instruments Voice: minus 5 - HAAAAAAATE it endlessly! Song: 1 - haven't a clue what this is about, and frankly don't care cuz I detest the voice so much) Result: This "song" gives me pain, and that's why I must vote it a 1. Sorry.
Seandq wrote:
Again, the lyrics make the song...
maybe thats the reason that english songs are so sucessfull in germany. We can ignore the lyrics if it's bullshit and concentrate on the music. German songs makes it nearly impossible for me to ignore the lyrics.
This is weird attempt at DiFraco-izing such a normally peppy tune.
Not always fond of her stuff, but I must give props to Ms. DiFranco for her outspoken stance on our dreadful presidential administration and all the good things she's done for her hometown. This isn't a bad song either. :nodhead:
Again, the lyrics make the song. Not trying to insult Ani's music, but listening deep to what this song truely is saying, it makes the song 7-worthy.
smokinsean wrote:
I have always loved Ani's lyrical content... S.
I like Ani! (Tori Amos is a an Ani wannabe.)
I have always loved Ani's lyrical content... S.